New York Blizzard 1983

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Public Transport / Street photography

New York Blizzard 1983

In 1981 I left for New York with 50 dollars and a one way ticket, leaving behind a job as a photographer for a Dutch Magazine. I was bored with the fact that Amsterdam was getting more and more depressing, caused by clashes between squatters and police. Also the magazine was sending me out on assignments that were all quite identical. I was 27 and I wanted to see more of this world. The idea was to send my pictures over to Amsterdam and to receive the money in NY where I lived with a girlfriend.

Things worked out the way I wanted them to, except for one thing: 1 Dutch guilder converted to 25 dollar cents at the time. So, my salary was good for half of the rent we paid in Manhattan. Without money to apply for a green card I eventually ended up with two rolls of film and no assignments. Then the New York Blizzard came and I spent those two rolls of film on that particular subject. These were probably the best shots I ever made, because I was so aware of the fact that there were just two films left before I had to leave New York to go home.

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